The bdl package is an interface to Local Data Bank (Bank Danych Lokalnych - bdl) API. It is a set of tools that includes: quick plots and maps generation, with the usage of the datasets from the data bank.

The information about how to use this tool is included in the built-in R help documentation and on the package webpage https://statisticspoland.github.io/R_Package_to_API_BDL/.


help(p = "bdl")

More info about the metadata can be found at https://bdl.stat.gov.pl/BDL/start.


To install this package run these commands:

Windows and Mac

# install.packages("remotes", type = "binary")
remotes::install_github("statisticspoland/R_Package_to_API_BDL", upgrade = "always", type = "binary")


# install.packages("remotes")

If installation through remotes do not work, try installing the package manually by downloading the source package at https://github.com/statisticspoland/R_Package_to_API_BDL/releases/download/1.0.3/bdl_1.0.3.zip and executing

install.packages("path_to_file/bdl_1.0.3.zip", repos = NULL, type = "source")